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Caves Magrinyà Calaf


Calaf Magrinyà’s cava is the inheritance of a family of grape growers with more of two hundred years of experience. According to the oldest written, wrote in 1810, Vidales family has been dedicated to growing grapes since the early nineteenth century. During these years, the family reconciles the cultives of grapes with the rest of traditional crops. During the mid twentieth century the vid belongs the main element.

The cava was born with the enthusiasm of the winemaker Francisco Calaf Vidales to prepare his own sparkling wines. With the use of a small cellar from the family home, he produced the first bottles of cava almost 30 years ago. The initial success leads to the building of the familiar winery becoming thus one of the most ancient cavas in the Alt Camp.

Thanks rigor and excellence in all over these years, nowadays, the caves are completely consolidated

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